Day 24: Need for Speed


A quick discussion of speed vs velocity and off we go to time how long it takes cars to pass between two trees 14 meters apart. Students then calculated speed in m/s and then converted to mph. After one lengthy factor label problem I showed them that 1 m/s ~ 2.24 mph. This is in preparation for a ball and ramp lab that closely mimics Galileo’s inclined plane experiment.


6 thoughts on “Day 24: Need for Speed

  1. I enjoyed the outside activity but I felt the accuracy of the lab was not correct. I believe we should do more. K would like this picture on the school website, facebook, instagram.

  2. I felt that this lab was a fun one, I really liked it because it involed going outside and looking at the cars going by and this picture of K is funny.

  3. I felt that this lab could be confusing at times because people didn’t always know when to stop or start the time of cars, making the points a little off. I enjoyed going outside though inside of sitting in the classroom all day, it was fun for the most part. But I still hate this picture.

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