Day 75: Enzyme Lab


IS I students investigated the effect of hydrogen peroxidase in the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide. They prepared different concentrations of the enzyme solution (obtained by blending water and potatoes), then soaked small disks of filter paper in the solutions (disks made with hole-punch and filter paper) and timed how long the disk took to rise to the surface in a beaker of hydrogen peroxide. Groups had extra time to create their own solution of enzyme of a different concentration than called for in the lab. Good inquiry activity.

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 10.17.40 AM

Took a few minutes in IS II to discuss a great TED talk about what makes great pioneers be able to do what they do. The common thread is a sense of purpose (the WHY in the “Golden Circle” above). I reminded them that I need to focus on the WHY with them and they need to ask! They get the what (learning to balance chemical reactions) and the how (they know the mechanics of balancing a reaction) so we worked on the why for a few minutes today (pattern recognition, ratio of ingredients, production of just about anything).


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