Day 99: Flappy Bird and Logger Pro


In IS II, students are using Logger Pro to analyze motion in two dimensions. Flappy Bird is all the craze (I tweeted that if Flappy Birds = learning that my students would be geniuses by week’s end). With impeccable timing, a physics teacher (and part of my PLN) in CT blogged about the real physics behind Flappy Bird.┬áHe included d-t and v-t graphs; exactly what we have been studying for the past two weeks!

Day 98: Venus Rising


Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 1.43.42 PM

Mentioned to my astronomy students that Venus was clearly visible this morning before 7 am. I took a photo with my phone to show them how easy it is to do that and then showed them how they could confirm on Stellarium what they might be seeing in the sky. They were (of course) impressed.

Day 95: Internet Down – Call the President


Just before the last period of the day, the internet goes down. All students are working on their lab reports on Google Drive so we are dead in the water. I figured we’d get a head start on the next activity by white boarding hypotheses about the shape of d-t and v-t graphs for a tennis ball rolling up and the down a ramp (motion sensor at the bottom).

Day 94: Terminal Velocity II


Students in IS II used LoggerPro and the motion sensors to find the terminal velocity of falling coffee filters. Graphing was done on LoggerPro and lab reports were written on Google Drive and then submitted electronically for grading and commenting. Graphs were inserted into the report by “screen shooting” them. Students must also submit a self-scored copy of the lab grading rubric found on the class Moodle. Anyone who thinks education in 2014 is the same as it was when I was in high school (1975-1978) is nuts.