Day 88: Who is/was Mr. Whiteley?


Morning of midterms and then a weird afternoon schedule just didn’t allow for great student photos, so here is what is posted outside of my room. All teachers were asked to post a HS-era photo (my senior picture) and some info about what we did when in HS. I liked the idea. It makes us more human in the students’ eyes and makes for conversation/ice breakers. My students always want to know about my suspension. A friend brought alcohol to school (only he had planned it) and put it in an orange drink container. He passed it around at lunch and we thought we were cool. We of course were caught. We were really “good” kids and were so embarrassed. It was a great “guard rail” in my life as I did not touch alcohol until college. All kids need to make mistakes and learn from them. Thank goodness the adults in my life at the time helped me realize that.

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