Day 142: Student Elections in 2014


Not too long ago we still used paper ballots. As student council adviser this was always a chore to layout, copy, distribute, collect, and tabulate, etc. The smartest thing I ever did with our elections was to purchase online voting ability via Voting4Schools.

Screen shot 2014-04-12 at 10.26.30 AM

For about $200 a year, we can set up as many elections/polls as we want. We have had students vote for homecoming court, agenda covers, and the eight separate student council elections. The software is easy to use, student photos can easily be attached to their names, and voting can be done from any device that can access the internet (including an app for student smartphones), and the tabulation is done by the software. We can also allow for voting for windows of time that we determine. Some campaign posters even contain links and QR codes for easy voting access. The link is also placed on the school’s website. Campaign posters get more clever each year and the student are more and more adept at creating fun and imaginative visuals.



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