Day 170: Class of 2014

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Graduation is on 5/29 and today (5/27) was the last full day for seniors. We are one of the few places where the students get their senior prank approved by the administration. Last year the Class of 2013 parked two cars in the lobby and surrounded them by 2013 cups of water. This year they plastic wrapped the breezeway, and strung string across the walkway. Some seniors grilled in the parking lot at lunch. Good kids!

Day 168: Last Snack Day for Seniors

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Seniors have three school days left and this was the last snack day in advisory. Oreo cookies AND Cheez-its (the Scrabble ones of course). We wrote a message to the seniors in our snacks and took a group selfie. Good luck to Eyndia, Jake, Jenna, and Christian!

Day 165: Senior Quilt

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Not a busy day as most of the senior stayed home. Saturday was the prom and the post prom ended at 6 am on Sunday. We knew today was a planned skip day. Ironically, they senior quilt is on display. We had one building for K-1 for many years and the teachers put together a quilt made of 200 student drawn images done when the kids were in 1st grade. It is heartwarming to see how innocent they used to be and how universal the drawing seem to be. My favorite the one by Ryan who clearly remembered his planetarium visit!

Day 163: Four Diamonds Field Trip


Today I took 5 (of the nicest students) student council members to Hershey PA to tour the PSU-Hershey Medical Center and meet with the Four Diamonds staff. The photo is taken on the 3rd floor of the new children’s hospital. They have a roof garden so patients can get outside easily. We toured the labs and the patient floor and even met with a courageous 18 year old who has been battling cancer for six years. What an inspiration she was! We have renewed enthusiasm for miniTHON 2015 and have a better idea where the money goes and what we support. It was an uplifting day.

Day 162: Countdown

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The end is coming soon. Seniors graduate on May 29th and only have 8 class periods left. Because of the snow days (9 of them!) the underclassmen have until June 6. I have to give a final to classes that have juniors and seniors on May 21st. Not much in terms of a photo for 5/14 so here are two images at the front of my room. The photo on the right is my first grade school picture, a nice reminder that we all have that in common!

Day 159: Planetarium Visits

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It was a long but fulfilling day today as I did FIVE – one hour planetarium presentations back-to- back for our 8th graders. We combined their visit to the HS planetarium with some orientation for next year, all in all a good idea. Earlier in the week our ESL teacher asked if I could do a small presentation for three first graders who love studying about the solar system. The girls were from China, Vietnam, and Puerto Rico and were whip smart. They sent touching thank you notes the next day with some candy as well. Nice to make a difference this week

Day 153: Senior Destinations


On the eve of May 1 and the reply date for most colleges, I wanted to congratulate our seniors who have decided on the next stop/step in their education. For the first year, our guidance department has created a display of the students and their schools. I walk past it every day and am able to strike up a conversation more easily with a senior about their destination. Great idea!