Day 176: Locker Tags

IMG_4513 IMG_4514 IMG_4515

Our in-house design studio run by students just delivered these locker tags. Student council will hang one on every locker for the first day of school in August. Thanks to the design studio for such a great job and such wonderful presentation.

Day 110: Borax Crystals


Students in IS I investigated solubility and grew sodium borate crystals by preparing supersaturated solutions using borax. Crystals were grown on pipe cleaners that students made into interesting shapes (lots of hearts). Students compared the crystals to NaCl crystals. This student’s first language is Arabic and he was able to confirm that the word “borax” comes from “buraq” Arabic for white!

Day 83: Annotating Distance-Time Graphs


Students took the d-t graphs from the previous class period and spent time analyzing the graphs using Logger Pro and annotating each segment of the graph. I asked that the annotations be detailed and accurate. Some students have a way to go but most got the basics. Crazy start to the year. One day last week and then a snow day on Friday. Tomorrow (Tues) we expect wind chills of -20F so who knows what the day will be like!

Day 32: State School Performance Scores Released


Yeah, we did great. Our score of 97.4/100 puts us in the top 5% 4 of all schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (501 schools). We have always been the school in the area that tops these kinds of lists. Our parents are generally more affluent and value education. Our small district (10 square miles and 3000 students) fosters a real sense of community. We have great teachers and high expectations. Our classes are rigorous and challenging. The data that belies what others think about us is that 26.52% are economically disadvantaged (we are not the “snobs on the hill” of the 1970s), that we have a much higher than expected percentage of non-white students (we are more racially diverse than many of our neighboring districts where the non-white population is 1-2%), and that our special education students are almost 12% of our HS population (yet nearly 100% took the exams).

Day 22: Locker Decorations

Impressed with our students when they decorate other’s lockers and impressed that students don’t mess with the decorations. The birthday ones are the best, but sometimes they are just notes of support or encouragement. Here are some I photographed today.


Birthday – Zombie theme (inside had “bloody” box with a heart in it.


18th birthday


Senior Buddies – not sure what this is all about.


Booster Club did these!


Some are quite elaborate. 🙂