Day 20: Advisory Group


New this year is a “homeroom” period of 10 minutes sandwiched between 3rd and 4th period. Small groups (14-16) meet with a teacher in this “advisory” period. Each group is a mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. We watch the daily NewsLink school broadcast and have a chance to connect every day. Every few weeks we have longer advisory periods for activities. The group and teacher will stay together for the student’s entire HS career. It is the hope that the upperclassmen can take on the role of mentors to the younger students and that there develop a sense of belonging and support. I have stressed that I want my room to be a safe place to land each day. We already plan to celebrate birthdays, attend a school athletic event together, and bring snacks in every Wednesday (Oreos and pretzels today!) We have an Edmodo group and the connections are happening.