Day 62: Molecular Models


IS II students worked with covalent bonds and the molecular models. It works well to have something to hold and talk about. Though not a perfect representation of covalent bonding, it does help them understand the geometry of some molecules. They also did Lewis dot diagrams of all of the molecules that they built. Tomorrow they’ll try to build models to show the combustion of methane and start to understand a balanced chemical reaction.

Day 59: Hunting the Elements

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 8.44.51 AM

Students in IS II are really enjoying the NOVA production. “Hunting the Elements” with David Pogue. It is long (nearly 2 hours) so we watch it in 25-30 minute segments every few days. We were streaming it from the PBS website but our school’s broadband was having issues so we bought it via Amazon for $1.99. Best purchase ever. The video captures their attention, and aids in their understanding of basic bonding and chemical reactions. I follow David Pogue on Twitter (@Pogue ) and he has been gracious enough to respond to a few of my inquiries. When he is ready for a group of teachers to help him with any of his ideas or productions, I’m in!