Day 63: Molecular Whiteboarding


Great activity that had students taking apart reactant molecules and putting them back together as products to reinforce the Law of Conservation of Mass. This is our stepping stone to balancing chemical reactions. I wanted it to be more than symbols on a piece of paper and I liked what I saw yesterday and decided to invent a new activity. Our principal encourages this and says once in a six day cycle he’d like to see us stretch a little (with the understanding that we may fall flat on our faces but with no risk comes no reward). Part of students’ grade was the photo I took of their work.

Day 58: Conservation of Mass


IS I students placed Alka-Seltzer tablets in water and massed the reactants and then the products. They got to see production of a gas and feel the heat content change as well as evidence of a chemical reaction. Of course there was no a difference and I spent time helping them understand why there may have been a slight loss of mass (capping the bottle, placing the balloon on top). They got great results and wanted to try it with more water and more tablet to see if the balloon would inflate more. Love that.