Day 6: Graphing with Logger Pro


IS II students measured a number of circular items and used Logger Pro to graph the diameter vs the circumference. We were able to discuss error in measuring, slope, correlation coefficient, and graphing requirements. This was a nice introduction to the graphing ability of Logger Pro. Student enjoyed finding items around the room that I had not had in mind (telescope, wristwatch, stool, Secchi disk).

Day 3: Bouncy Balls


Students in IS II (second year Integrated Science) were give bouncy balls and had to determine the coefficient of restitution (they did not know this at the time). On Monday I will give them a rebound height and they get one chance to determine a drop height and then drop it for the entire class. We actually had small group discussions about independent and dependent variables and linear vs. non-linear relationships, and we have not even handed out books, looked at the syllabus, or reviewed classroom procedures.