Day 33: Evaluate (5E Model)


We use the 5E Inquiry Model for our IS I classes (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate). Here students have designed their own sports drink and are analyzing it for sugar, electrolytes, and total dissolved solids. They have to generate a nutritional label and an advertising campaign for their drink. This is the “Evaluate” portion of the unit. Do they understand what makes a sports drink work? Do they know what needs to be in a sports drink? Can they test for these ingredients? Can they market the product and back up their claims?

Day 25: Sports Drink Analysis


What is in a sports drink? IS I students are analyzing a mystery sports drink for presence of sugar, electrolytes, and dissolved solids. Student shown here displays the results of the Benedict’s test for monosaccharides. Tomorrow they will use Logger Pro and conductivity probes to test for electrolytes and evaporating dishes to figure out % dissolved solids.