Day 26: Galileo Revisited


Galileo would be proud as IS II students do an activity “similar” to his inclined plane experiment. The real rationale is to have the students plan and conduct an investigation with a clear independent (angle of ramp) and dependent variable (time), a set of constants, reliable data, some calculations, a procedure, a materials list, a hypothesis, an analysis section that includes a graph done with Logger Pro, and a conclusion. I give them the “bones” of the report on a shared Google doc and they make it their own. They must insert at least one photo. They worked on the first lab report collaboratively and for this one they work as a group but write up the report on their own. By the way – thank you iOS7 for a stopwatch that now records to the 0.01 seconds.

Day 12: Nature of Science


Honestly I had trouble deciding what to post today, but decided to go with the class that did the most “doing.” The IS I students were asked to solve a problem involving a seed germination experiment and had to brainstorm ideas and then set up the experiment. It was fun to see the great ideas they came up with and the innovative ways they thought to use the supplies provided. Will try to follow up with their results next week.