Day 102: Opposites Attract


IS I students investigated polarity and charges using glass rods, plastic spoon, paper and running water. In the photo above, a student makes paper stand up and then move side to side with a spoon that has a net (-) charge. This activity leads into bonding and ions. Interesting to see that most of the students had not seen this or experienced this. Childhood is just different than it used to be.

Day 57: Mini Whiteboards – Part II


I had used these earlier in the year and needed to make sure that the students understood the concept of ions and isotopes in IS II, so . . . .  out came the mini whiteboards. I forgot how much the students liked these and they really got into it. I heard a lot of “I finally understand this,” and even one “I learned more in the last 5 minutes than I did all last year in chemistry class.”