Day 32: State School Performance Scores Released


Yeah, we did great. Our score of 97.4/100 puts us in the top 5% 4 of all schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (501 schools). We have always been the school in the area that tops these kinds of lists. Our parents are generally more affluent and value education. Our small district (10 square miles and 3000 students) fosters a real sense of community. We have great teachers and high expectations. Our classes are rigorous and challenging. The data that belies what others think about us is that 26.52% are economically disadvantaged (we are not the “snobs on the hill” of the 1970s), that we have a much higher than expected percentage of non-white students (we are more racially diverse than many of our neighboring districts where the non-white population is 1-2%), and that our special education students are almost 12% of our HS population (yet nearly 100% took the exams).

Day 1: Just 9th Graders



Personal initiative and building goals are the same this year: developing relationships. We have a new advisory group program and each student will see a personal note with his or her planner and schedule on the first day. Today my three ninth graders got theirs (student name covered by key). I will see them everyday (720 school days) until they graduate!