Day 96: What Goes Up . . .


Students started the lab that requires them to use motion sensors to generate a d-t and a v-t graph for a ball rolling up a ramp and then back down. The results are remarkably good. Students use Google Drive to create lab report and LoggerPro to generate graphs and annotate them.

Day 80: Motion Detectors


IS II students did Part I of the Graph Matching lab. They played around with and got used to the motion detectors and Logger Pro. They were asked to use their hand to make graphs of certain shapes – “what does fast away and slow towards look like?” They needed to set the parameters for data collection and then save and annotate their graphs. They needed to understand that slope gave velocity (steeper slope = greater speed, (+) slope = away from detector, (-) slope = towards detector). All in less than 50 minutes, whew! The next time they will “walk the walk” and match their own body movement with distance-time graphs. (Oh, it was hat day — $1 allowed student to wear a hat to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund and our miniTHON).