Day 108: “Student Requests Whiteboard for Quiz”


The title for Day 108 reads like a headline and it should. Extra, extra read all about it! Student uses whiteboard during a summative assessment! I was thrilled to have a student ask if she could use a whiteboard for a 2D Motion quiz. She told me she finds it easier to see the big picture and likes to script out the problems and diagrams on the whiteboard first. Winning!

Day 104: Whiteboard Appreciation


Yesterday I was so wrapped up moving from table to table, helping groups of students with a number of activities they are doing, that I did not even know that an administrator was in the room, chatting with students and observing me. I used whiteboards to help out groups and then would leave the board and move on to another group with a new whiteboard. Every group had a different question. Great to have a visitor to the classroom see students engaged and respectful despite that fact that I was oblivious!

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 10.41.57 AM

Day 95: Internet Down – Call the President


Just before the last period of the day, the internet goes down. All students are working on their lab reports on Google Drive so we are dead in the water. I figured we’d get a head start on the next activity by white boarding hypotheses about the shape of d-t and v-t graphs for a tennis ball rolling up and the down a ramp (motion sensor at the bottom).

Day 73: Scripting a Lab with Whiteboards


Short periods today due to a 2 hour delay. We had about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday and then freezing rain overnight. No time to conduct the lab today so the IS I students “storyboarded” the enzyme lab (hydrogen peroxidase). They were to ask questions if they did not understand the procedure. This should will make the lab run smoother I hope!

Day 57: Mini Whiteboards – Part II


I had used these earlier in the year and needed to make sure that the students understood the concept of ions and isotopes in IS II, so . . . .  out came the mini whiteboards. I forgot how much the students liked these and they really got into it. I heard a lot of “I finally understand this,” and even one “I learned more in the last 5 minutes than I did all last year in chemistry class.”

Day 16: Mini Whiteboards


Used Panorama 360 app on my phone to take a photo of the entire class showing me that they understand the two step factor label problem that I tossed at them. I have committed to using the larger whiteboards AND the smaller ones this year. Great way to go “old school” and see that each student can set up the problem. Click on the 360 for the cool panorama view.